What we do

Cava Grieco has got excavators configured with pliers, shears, and hammers; trucks equipped with demountable bodies for the census and the differentiation of the various materials in demolition. We also recover materials from demolitions.


Cava Grieco carries out excavations on land and in sections of any kind and personally coordinates all the related administrative practices such as soil characterization and analysis for the eventual management and reuse of earth and excavation rocks under the latest laws.


Cava Grieco, making use of its own means of transport, takes any material classified as special waste - such as demolition/construction inert waste coming from construction sites - to recovery and/or disposal plants


Cava Grieco, in possession of the most highly skilled and technological equipment, is able to cope with any risk associated with a traumatic intervention. From this activity we realize that the resulting material contains a large amount of valuable by-products that, for reasons of environmental protection, must be brought back to its proper use.


Over the years Cava Grieco has specialized in working with stone extracted and used as a wonderful and irreplaceable natural material to make architecture complements and items such as the famous "trulli stone" that, thanks to its natural beauty and strong resistance to the action of weathering, gives value and charm to the architectural merit.


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